My Christmas Tree

I have Christmas Trees in every room of our house.  These have taken me years to collect .  This is my main Christmas Tree in our family room.  It's a rather thin tree and only about 7 feet tall, but I prefer to have a smaller tree.  It's decorated with bright red berries and burgundy glittery snowflakes.  I also have ornaments Gavin has made through the years and lots of primitive ornaments on there as well.  It's kind of my catch all tree.

I hope everyone is ready for Christmas.  It's just around the corner and my boys are definitely ready!!


Anne Marie said...

Hi Carrie! I loved seeing your post, as I just finished decorating our "main" tree tonight. Whew! We have 6 trees in total this year and it has been a whole lot of decorating but SO worth it. I love your tree! SO festive with all of the red berries and fun ornaments. Hope you are enjoying the holiday season so far! Hugs! :)

Joyce said...

Lovely tree!

Wendie said...

Your tree is beautiful.

Margaret said...

Gorgeous! Love the berries with all of those beautiful stars and snowflakes! Love the primitive ornaments too!!

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