My Christmas Mantel

Joyce emailed me earlier today and suggested that I share some of my Christmas Decor and Trees on my blog.  I thought about it for a minute and decided that I would.  Really, Joyce should be sharing pictures of her home.  She has quite a gift for decorating as well.  My Christmas Decor is nothing fancy and has taken me years to collect.  First off, I decided to share my mantel and link it to the Southern Hospitality Blog.  There you will find many other blog links with pictures of Holiday mantels.  If you need some holiday decorating inspiration this is the place to go!!  I think mantels are one of the hardest things to decorate.  My fireplace is actually a "faux" fireplace.  It was sitting in my mother's basement collecting dust and I decided to make use of it.  It now sets in my living room collecting dust.  lol  We don't use our living room a whole lot since we have a family room downstairs so it's a perfect place for it.  I had a little help decorating my mantle though.  My good friend Neelie helped and she is fantastic at decorating!  I was actually going to put the greenery that's now on the mantle in my next garage sale.   She picked it up and worked some of her magic.  It's very simple and I like it that way. 

Hope you enjoy!!


Joyce said...

It looks great! Now you will have to post on the craft link party. You should put your tablescape from the church dinner on the table scape link party too!You and Neely did a great job on this!

Dixie said...

Very pretty! Thanks for the link, too. I will have to check it out.

Jennipher said...

Truly gorgeous! I'm glad you shared.

Margaret said...

This is so pretty! Love the greenery!!

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